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The creative and holistic world

of Marianne Simonin

Flâneuse of the Earth

"I just like travel… I like the sense of being on the road and being transient and being on the wind… I’m made for this life… life is transient.  Nothing lasts." - Jeff Buckley

Born in France I came to London in my late teens and this city gave me the opportunities to learn and discover my callings, define my personality, and share with others what I am passionate about.

I stepped on the path of Yoga around the age of 16 after reading a book that my friend had lend me. I had an immediate connection with this ancient Indian practice, and after practicing by myself and attending a few classes I chose to train as a teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga when I was 25 years old - I have never stopped teaching since 1988.  You can read more about my yoga teacher and my approach in the section on yoga.

I also felt creative as a child and when I was 13 yrs old I asked for an easel and a set of oil paints as a Christmas present.  I used to carry my materials on my bicycle, set it all up in the middle of some open fields, and spend the whole afternoon painting, thinking of Van Gogh, trying to imitate him!.  Later I enrolled for an Art foundation in Poitiers, but at the time I despised practicing Art academically, therefore I did not pursue my studies and came to London instead in 1979.  I was more interested in discovering new horizons. 

In 1996 the urge to paint professionally made me take my first studio in South London, and since then, Art has been my main occupation as well as teaching yoga in parallel.  I have also carried on training and exploring other fields, which you can discover through this website.  The only way for me to keep satisfied in life is to find a balance between creativity and mind/body holistic practices.

Marianne Simonin - India 1990 _edited.jpg
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My practice explores female identity, symbolism and spiritual concepts, and series that I work on reappear in cycles.  I view the making of art as the unfolding of the Self, every mark being a reflection of our deeper feelings and subconscious. Creativity is a powerful force that is liberating as well as being a way for communicating with others. I am essentially an oil painter but I enjoy exploring other medium to suit my themes.

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Take a look at some of my Artwork
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Other things I like doing

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