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This work is part of a new series that I started using some of my old drawings either as support or cut out (part of ) to create a collage.  Therefore all the elements composing this artwork are of my own making.  I feel recycling is very important these days, and I have so much materials in my studio that I thought that it would be better to create new work from them than to throw them away.    As I made the first of the series, it made me think of imaginary souls, retaining the essence of the person they are connected with, and existing in their own dimension, hence the background representing starry nights and planets.    The work is made of paper, acrylics and inks.

Soul transmigration #1

  • Acrylics and inks on thick watercolour paper, made of drawings and collage.  

    49.5 x 38 cm

    Available as original and print

Other work available