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I am a painter, and working with oils remains my favourite medium.  However in the last few years I have enjoyed experimenting with acrylics, collage, metallic pen and textiles.  Drawing is also an essential part of my practice, either in charcoal or ink.  I adapt the type of medium to my themes and my intuitive impulse when I create. 

The series that I work on are never finished, they reappear in cycles, with gender identity as a central theme - in particular women.  I have a keen interest also in patterns and fashion, and hope to explore more in the future home interior in terms of fabrics.

Born in France I came to London in my late teens and this city gave me the opportunities to meet renowned artists, to visit inspiring exhibitions at national museums and prestigious galleries.  I am actively engaged in taking an interest in the contemporary artworld, as well as studying old Masters .  The artists that inspire me are many, but to name a few I can say that Celia Paul, Paula Rego, Marlene Dumas and Uwe Wittwer have a specific resonance inside me. I also admire the work of Francisco Goya, Pablo Picasso, Edouard Vuillard and Francis Bacon.

Creating a shop for my artwork has been a challenging decision, as it is not how I view art - the commercialisation of it as a ‘product’.  However the art world has changed, and so has the approach of collectors and buyers.  Some of my work reproduce well in prints and by making it more accessible to a larger audience I am also able to keep supporting my own studio practice.  

Enjoy browsing through my collection of original paintings and prints.

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