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Sharing my yogic path with you

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Tues : 8.30 - 9.45        HATHA YOGA           

         : 18.30 - 19.45   HATHA YOGA 

Thur : 8.30am - 9.45    GENTLE YOGA 

Sat :   9.30am - 10.45  HATHA YOGA 


COST:   1 class £15.   Block of 5 PASSES for £60  (valid 8 weeks). 

All sessions are 75 mins.​

PLEASE NOTE: I have a 24hrs cancellation policy,​  otherwise your payment or your pass will be redeemed,  no matter the reason.   




Your needs are unique and the practice will be adjusted to address physical or spiritual goals, while working on balancing the mental and emotional aspects of your being.I have seen profound changes with my private clients once the trust is established, and when the regularity is maintained (usually once a week).  The sequence is sensitively delivered while tuning with the energy of the day and the way you feel at the beginning of each session.   It becomes a safe space where you can ask questions, share your doubts or experience, and let your practice filter at a deeper level in your everyday life in order to tackle the different challenges that you may face.  You can choose between Yoga, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra or Meditation or a combination of them, as these sessions are only for you.TIME can be arranged by appointment (day time is preferred). 

COST:  Each session lasts 75 mins

// Online: £70 per session or £325 for 5 sessions

// Home visit: £85 or £400 for 5 (to be used within 8 weeks). 




  • Set up a free account with Zoom to join the sessions

  • Email me by clicking on the button below and state the day you want to join

  • Pay by bank transfer (no booking fee) - details will be sent to you upon receiving your request


IMPORTANT NOTICE:  although I aim to deliver my online sessions in a safe way you are sole responsible for your own body and health as a participant.  Ensure that you have a non-slippery yoga mat, and use a block / blanket or belt when necessary.  If you have any health problem (heart condition, blood pressure, hernia, joints problem, cancer or others) it is important that you let me know in advance.  I do not encourage pregnant women to join these classes unless you contact me beforehand.  I do not hold responsibility for you while joining these classes.

I like teaching online from home.  Living in a big city such as London can steal a great amount of your energy when you are travelling to places.  At home I feel more grounded, I also like that people from any locations can join the practice.  The classes are small and I am able to tap into the energy of each one before we begin, thus making each session fresh and unique, depending on the day, the season, and the level of the students.  


My priority in teaching is to facilitate an environment where it is possible for each person to discover one’s wisdom, to listen to one’s body, and to let one's mind reflect a peaceful awareness by the end of the session.

Asanas and pranayama form the core of the practice in my general classes, and I am often guided by first grounding myself deep within, and let the wisdom of the body take over.  I then become receptive to the group energy, the time of the day, the season, and I have full trust in the creative process that will unfold during the class.  I never prepare my sessions, as the manifestation of Yoga takes place in the NOW (as indicated in the first yoga sutra written by Patanjali - Atha Yoganusasanam) .  I offer Yoga Nidra and meditation separately, and from time to time workshops in Ayurvedic principles, and retreats in the UK and abroad. 

My interest is to understand the more subtle aspect of the human being, its energetic field and chakras, exploring ways to release physical and psychological blockages, in order to create a deeper sense of ease in one’s life.  I use a combination of therapeutic approaches rooted in Yoga, Ayurveda and holistic massage.

I have taught now for over 35 years people of all ages and ability.  My teaching has also changed as I matured and I have different priorities about what I view as a good yoga practice.  I am especially interested in helping people reconnect with their higher self, tap into their core energy to heal any blockages, traumas or fragility.  Lack of directions, chronic health issues, digestion and joints problems, are some of the issues that I can assist with.  

Since 1988 the source of my offerings stems essentially from my personal practice, my first teacher (see below), and also many stays in India - Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, West Bengal and Assam have held a special place in my spiritual development.
I hold qualifications from the British Wheel of Yoga and the Massage Training institute. I have a Masters degree in Ayurvedic Medicine from Middlesex University, including a three months internship in Ayurvedic hospitals in India.

I hold a deep respect to my teacher Velta Snikere Wilson for having encouraged her students to discover their own path.  If you are interested please take a little time to read about her, and watch the short video when she recited one of her beautiful poems about Yoga at her home.


Developing awareness is important during the practice in order to become detached from everyday thoughts, and reach a greater state of peaceful equilibrium (samatha). The yoga sessions consist of various levels of asanas to release inner tension, while focusing on the flow/control of Prana on a subtle level.  Students are often encouraged to keep their eyes closed in order to develop a more subtle and profound practice. Different techniques of Pranayama are taught over the weeks to help restore energy and mental calmness.  Each class ends with a relaxation in Savasana or a short meditation. Regular practice gradually allows yoga to merge in all aspects of life (sadhana), and as we develop intuition and awareness we realise the quality of our true nature.


It is suitable for anyone with a normal range of flexibility.  If you are pregnant, or suffer from any medical conditions please notify me before joining. Sometimes a general class may not be suitable, in this case you may consider one or two private sessions to assess what you can or cannot do, please contact me for further details.


My first love as a child was music, spirituality and Art.  As young as the age of three I often remember sitting at home, motionless, gazing towards the unseen for a long time while my mother listened to classical music or opera.  Sometimes I would also draw or cut figures out of coloured paper while tuning in to my own 'Divine connection', entering a world that felt more real to me than reality.

These moments remain precious in my heart as they became the foundation of my whole approach to life, intuitively knowing that the energy of the Universe is much greater than we can conceive with our limited awareness, and is also our greatest teacher.


By the age of seven I felt naturally drawn towards poetry and often spoke to myself in poetic language while walking or cycling through the French countryside. Inspired by Nature or by my emotions I would create simple rhymes and repeat them on my way to school like little mantras.


Around the age of fifteen a friend gave me a book on Yoga, some of the asanas looked intriguing but it was reading about the philosophy that created a greater impact on my mind. I embraced its concepts quite easily because it was reflecting what I always felt and experienced on a personal level.  At that time I never imagined that I would become a yoga teacher, I just wanted to be an artist and a traveler, my gypsy soul always drawn to foreign lands.


Yoga is a path that is often inside us even before we acknowledge it, and it can manifest more strongly at any stage of one's life.  In my case I felt I could not escape the calling and followed it almost blindly.   My path has had many curves, making me doubtful or critical at times, but also inspired, uplifted with a growing faith in the journey.

Shortly after arriving in London at the age of 18 I enrolled for yoga classes, but I remained disappointed because the focus was too much on the physical aspect, with no mention of the inner journey that the Yogic texts were describing.   I kept searching for an inspiring teacher and after a few years I came across Velta Snikere-Wilson.  She was already much older than the teachers I had met before but I was intrigued by her energy and poise.  I found what I was looking for in her teaching, and within no time I enrolled on her Yoga teacher training course and philosophy sessions, and received my British Wheel of Yoga diploma.


In the early 90s I discovered Ayurveda through various teachers in the UK and India . Around the same time I also developed an interest in esoteric Tantra.  This path spoke to me at a deeper level which fed into my artwork.  I am a professional artist and my work explores essentially female identity, memories and symbolism. 


Every moment of life becomes a sadhana. It is no longer the difficulty to set aside time for my practice, it is more the exhilarating challenge to use every aspect of my everyday life as an opportunity to practice.



I trained as a holistic massage therapist in 1991 and as an Ayurvedic practitioner in 2016. 

To know more about my treatments and consultations check my other page

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